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“People change for 2 reasons: 1) They have learned a lot. 2) They have been hurt too much.”

Ciel sighed as the carriage ride was a painfully slow one. ‘Alois will die by my own hands!’ Ciel thought and made sure that he had enough bullets to end Alois’s life, he then looked down at the ring that nested on his thumb. Ciel then looked up at the moon and frowned. Sebastian looked at his master and raised a brow. “Young master, are you feeling alright?” Sebastian said as he studied his master.  Ciel looked up at Sebastian then back at the moon thinking about the first time he had met his fiancé.


Ciel’s parents walked into Ciel’s room and smile. “Ciel, we want you to meet (Insert your last name)’s daughter.  They should be here in minute now, so put on your best clothes and come out to the front of the manor once you’re all dress.” Vincent said and kneel down in front of Ciel, ruffle his hair a bit. Ciel title his head confused but smile and nodded happily. “Of course.” Ciel said and was getting dressed by Tanaka.

After he was dressed Ciel quickly made his way to the front yard and waited by his parents when they saw a black carriage drive up. The carriage came to a stop in front of the manor and the driver opened the door to let the family out. When the little girl got out Ciel’s eyes widen and he smile brightly and ran over to her to introduced himself. He slowed down when he saw that (Insert your first name) ran behind her mother, being shy and not used to seeing boys up close. (Insert your first name) was always busy learning how to sew or playing by herself so she never had the chance being social, the only time she was ever socializing was at a party.

Ciel walked up to (Inset your first name) slowly and quietly with a big smile on his face. Ciel’s father looked over and noticed what was going on and smiled and continued talking to (Insert first name) parents. Ciel offering his hand for her take. “Hello! My name is CIel Phantomhive! What’s your name?” Ciel asked as (Insert your first name) slowly come out behind of her mom. “H-hello Ciel, I’m (Insert your first name) (Insert your last name) , nice t-to meet you.” She replied nervously as she took his hand. “Want to play with me?” Ciel asked happily.

(Insert your first name) smiled nervously as she let him lead her into the house and into the living room when the parents come in after them. “ T-this is a beautiful house C-ciel,” She stated nervously. Ciel smiled and nodded. “Thank you, do you like to play board games?” Ciel asked excited, (Insert your first name) nodded quickly without saying anything Ciel frowned a bit before he group a board game and set it up. When they picked what they wanted to be, (Insert your first name) picked the angel maid piece as Ciel picked the only thing left it was a demon butler piece. “T-this is a beautiful game you have C-Ciel, w-where did you g-get it?” (Insert your first name) asked trying to start a conversation. Ciel looked at (Insert your first name). “It from my father company!” Ciel said happily. “W-wow, thats so cool,” She replied as their parent interrupted the game. “(Insert your first name) do you want to spend the night?” Vincent asked. (Insert your first name) blushed and bite her lips. “I.... Yes I would.” She said without stuttering for the first time in her life. “Great, Ciel, would you like to show (Insert your first name) to her room?” Vincent asked and walked away to say goodbye to the (Insert your last name) as the carriage drove off.

After a few rounds of the game they were playing,  Ciel suggest they should play in the garden. They was playing tagged when it was getting dark but they didn’t care, they were playing and having fun. As soon as the full moon risen (Insert your first name) stop chasing Ciel and falled down on her back and stared at it. Ciel slowly come up to her and laid down by her. “It’s really beautiful full moon isn’t it?” Ciel asked as (Insert your first name) smiled and nodded. “Yes it very lovely Ciel.” (Insert your first name) said.  Ciel smiled and hugged her gentle, he blushed when he felt her hugged him back. “I am happy that you decided to stay the night.” Ciel said and grinned.

(Insert your first name) and Ciel decided to go in when they saw Tanaka looking out to them. “Come on, I need to show you where your room is going to be.” Ciel said smiling brightly. (Insert your first name) smile and nodded. “Of course, I can’t wait to see my guest room.” (Insert your first name) said and walked along with Ciel. “No it is going to be YOUR room, not your guest room.” CIel said smiling. Once Ciel showed her to her room, she crawled into bed and fall asleep, while the moon turning into a lovely memory that both of them wouldn’t ever forget about.


(Insert your first name) woke up to find herself on a bed that she knows all too well. She raise a brow and look at the blonde by her. She slowly slip out of bed and look at her naked form, she stared horrid with the sight of her naked body. She quickly got her clothes on and look at the window opening it slightly slipping onto the balcony and move to the edge of the balcony. (Insert your first name) stepped onto the ledge and look behind her to see Alois smirking at her hiding his horrid and sadden cloud.

“Come down from there before something happens to you.” He said and walked to her but stopped and she dingle a foot off threatening. “Come near me and I will kill myself. I rather die than be here being you sex puppet!” (Insert your first name) growled out and glare at him, looking down and felt dizzy. She loses her balance and began to fall from the high balcony, she closed her eyes and blacked out. What they didn’t know, that a certain Earl saw everything and told his demon to go and catch her.

Ciel stared horrified at the sight of his fiance falling from a balcony, he couldn’t let her be killed from suicided, or be push off. But the thing was he didn’t see Alois push her off. So why would she choose suicided. Ciel growled when he saw that her body was getting closer and closer to the ground. He glance to Sebastian who was gone along with Chiyoko, he look frequently around, when he concluded that his fiance would die if he didn’t take matter into his own hand.

He race across the yard to catch her. When he didn’t feel or heard a body hit anything, he look up to see Sebastian holding his love.”WHEN WERE YOU GOING TO CATCH HER SEBASTIAN?!” Ciel screamed at his butler who handed (insert your first name) to Chiyoko who check everywhere she could. “I was a bit busy.” Sebastian said. Ciel growled and looked up at his love and smiled slightly he was about to turn around when felt something hit his head.

Ciel turn around to see panties on the lawn. Ciel felt a knot forming in his gut. “Whose are these?” Ciel asked holding up the panties. Alois smirk and nodded to Chiyoko. “It (insert your first name), she was just a fighter to keep everything innocent for you Ciel.” Alois taunted him. Ciel growled and got out his gun. “YOU BASTARD! WHAT DID YOU DO?!” Ciel asked and glare at Alois.

Alois smirk and laughed. “What do you think I did.” Alois said and waved innocently at him. “You bastard! You’ll die right here, right now!” He said and ran to the door shooting it open and bean to head up to the room where Alois is in. Alois smirk and grab a gun of his own. He would be damned if he let Ciel take (Insert your first name) back and away from him. Alois knew that he needed (insert your first name) and he wouldn’t lose her at all. 

PewDiePie come in and started to scream bloody murder! (Don't pay attenttion to the PewDiePie thing but put *Brofist* if you actually read it and if your a bro)

2 deviations
I'm back and ready to start writing again. All send in request please?
I'm back and ready to start writing again. All send in request please?


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Victoria Mahaney
United States
I'm Sailor Moon trash, sorry not sorry, also, I'm the fucking princess of the moon. ✌

The name is Tori Mahaney, but please call me Midnight.
I'm a girl who goes by she/her.
I can get very low thinking of myself, I'm sorry.
I don't want you to get close cause I hate it when everyone leaves me. People leaves me alot.
I'm insecure little piece of shit, I hate everything about me.
I could be a little bit cold/shy if you don't know me well.
I'm Pikachu.
I'm a gamer girl.
I'm Sailor Moon trash.
I like to think of myself as the Moon Princess.
I like 5 Seconds Of Summer, Black Veil Brides, Flyleaf, ect.
I write songs and stories which I will be uploading on here.
I'm scared of thunderstorms and being left behind.
I do roleplay, I have rp accounts, this is my personal.
I'm always open to listen to whatever you say.
I don't like bullies, so please don't be one.
I am in love with animes, and I would fight you if you dis anime.
I don't want to be in love cause I always hurt those who I love, or they always hurt me.
I'm just some broken shit of a girl.
Along with the topic of love, I have this crush who I talk to but he only sees me as his best friend and I'll never tell him in fear of him leaving and he's taken so.
All I ever do is fucked everything up, I fuck up multiple friendships, countless life. I just can't bare anymore of this.

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